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International Business Resources: Home

Provides guidance for research in print and online to resources relating to international business transactions.


This research guide will provide useful resources for research in the field of international business.

 International business is a broad subject area encompassing business operations in diverse formats e.g. import/ export business, agency/distributorship, subsidiary; all concerning operations in the global environment.   Accordingly, international business concerns management, organizational structure and best practices.   Additionally international business also encompasses international trade which in turn raises issues on international economics.

 The purpose of this guide is to assist you in finding resources in print, video,  and subscription databases and on line in the various sub areas of international business.

 This guide will assist you in finding full text documents from APU databases as well as documents available from the federal government such as country studies, statistics and commerce.

 Included is economic and financial information from agencies such as the United Nations.

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