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Library Resources for International Students

A library guide for international students to survive academic life and general life in America.


Welcome to Azusa Pacific University Libraries information for International Students! We realize that you have come from different cultural and educational backgrounds, including the fact that many times US libraries are different from those around the world. Therefore, the library has resources and services that we help you adjust to library research in the US and to help you succeed in your academic experience at APU. Not only is there a librarian assigned (Denise Gehring) to help you as international students, there are many other librarians with specific subject specialties that you can contact for research assistance. Please be sure to contact someone if you need assistance with your research.

- Denise

Guide Tabs:

  • Life in America: Find resources to help you adapt to living in the US.
  • Academic Life: Learn how to find information to help you complete homework assignments
    • How to find Books & Media: Do you need books or media for you homework assignments? Go to this page for help on locating books & media.
    • How to find Journals & Articles: Do you need to find scholarly journal articles? Go to this page for help on locating them.
    • How to find Websites: Do need help finding and evaluating websites? How about information on learning English or test preparation? Check out this page for more information.
    • Library Vocabulary: This list of key terms is useful for international students as they become acquainted with the APU libraries, especially when speaking about the process of finding information for research papers in the library.
  • APU Library Website: Check out the library website!

About the Libraries

There are three Libraries at the Azusa campus:

Specialized collections include: The links below provide more information about APU Libraries:

Library Services

These links provide information on library services available to students, faculty, and staff at APU: