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Chinese Language (Mandarin): Getting Started

Getting Started to Learn Chinese Language

Learning Chinese for Fun!

This LibGuide provides support for students who are interested in learning Chinese Language & Culture. Many people think learning Chinese is very difficult. You don’t have to worry about it though. This guide helps you learn Chinese at your own pace without pressure and stress.

第一课 声母練习 Lesson 1--Pinyin Initials

You will learn the pinyin initials by singing the pinyin initials song.  After watching this 6 minute YouTube you will be able to comprehend 21 initials.

第二课 韵母練习 Lesson 2- Pinyin Final Vowels

Lesson two covers final vowels a, o, e, i, u and ü as well as some complex final vowels. After watching this 10 minute YouTube you will discover how several alphabetical letters in pinyin are pronounced differently than in English, such as "c" "q" "x".

第三课 中文字的故事 Lesson 3 A Story of Chinese Characters

Many basic Chinese characters have a very close graphic relationship with their meanings as you can easily judge from their shape. After watching this video you will find it is much easier to remember the corresponding meaning of the shape because the earliest characters are representations of objects found in the natural world.

第四课 中文字的部首 Lesson 4 Chinese Radicals

This is my most popular YouTube. After watching it you will be able to understand why it is that the more radicals you understand the better and the quicker you can comprehend Chinese characters' meanings.

第五课 三声变调 Lesson 5 Special Tone Rules (sandhi)

There are specific rules that cause Chinese tones to change in certain situations. These rules are called "tone sandhi."

第六课 绕口令 Lesson 6 Tongue Twister

Two examples of Chinese tongue twisters are covered in this video.  Practicing tongue twisters can improve your Chinese speaking fluency.

第七课 筆順 Lesson 7 Basic Strokes Order Principles

This video covers the principles for the eight commonly used basic strokes in writing characters.  Following the basic stroke order is like building the foundation of a house.  In the long-run you will be able to teach yourself how to write characters.

第八课  国籍和语言 Lesson 8 Nationalities and Languages

After watching this 5 minute video you should be able to say "where are you from?" and "I can speak a little Chinese," etc., in Mandarin.

第九课  數字 Lesson 9 Shùzì Numbers

It only takes you 6 minutes to learn to count numbers in Chinese! (Up to 10,000 !!)

第十课 数东西 Lesson 10 Counting things with measure words

This lesson combines numbers and measure words for you to count spcific items, such as "one bottle of wine," two pieces of neckties," etc.

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