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JSTOR-19th Century British Pamphlets Collection: Home

How to access 19th Century British Pamphlets on JSTOR.

When browsing by collection, the tab for Pamphlets will default to the first category (which is numeric). As nothing falls under this categorization for Pamphlets, users will need to select the letters to browse content. If you select "B," you will find content in this collection.
When searching for articles on the platform, you can narrow your search results by selecting "Pamphlets" in the advanced search option.
You can also filter your search results by selecting "Pamphlets" under "Content/Item Type."

Off Campus Access

Option 1:

Click JSTOR - 19th Century British Pamphlets Collection on the Library's Database list. (Sign in with your APU Net ID username & password for access).


If you go to JSTOR's platform directly, you will be prompted to login.

Select the Institution Login

After seeing "Your access to JSTOR provided by Azusa Pacific University" signing in with your APU Net ID username & password for access, then, you will be able to click on links at the title level, or search within all content.

At the title level, you can download a pdf, add to your lists or cite this item