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How to Write an Exegesis Paper with Library Resources: Introduction

This guide was created by Dr. Kenneth D. Litwak.

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Writing an Exegesis Paper

Many classes in biblical studies require that students write an exegesis paper. Since an exegesis paper is a unique type of assignment and can seem quite daunting to those new to this kind of assignment, this tutorial is designed to help you through the paper. An exegesis paper is a library-centric type of assignment, so the emphasis will be upon resources available in the Theology library.

The Steps in Writing an Exegesis Paper

Although your professor may have specific instructions that differ from what this tutorial presents, here are the basic steps common to most exegesis papers. You may go step-by-step, or jump to the topic of interest to you.

  1. Choose a Passage
  2. Examine the Historical, Cultural, and Literary Background
  3. Perform Exegesis of Each Verse
  4. Offer an Overall Interpretation
  5. Provide an Application of the Passage

There is an additional thing you need to consider:

You may also find it helpful to consult these additional resources helpful in the writing process.

First, Choose a Passage

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