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THEO354 (Church History from Eve of the Reformation to the Present ): Home

This guide includes print and electronic resources, and instruction that will aid students in THEO354. This guide was originally created by Michelle Spomer.

APU Syllabi

Here are some THEO354 syllabi created for APU courses. This list is not meant to include every class, but simply to provide a few examples that can be used as general course outlines.

Dr. Winston's lecture notes are available here.

Other Online Guides

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Church History: Eve of the Reformation to the Present

This subject guide is meant as a complement to THEO354, and will provide various tools and resources to help students discover the story of Christianity from the 16th century to the present.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you'd like to arrange a research appointment with me. My contact information is below my profile picture.

Happy researching!

Guide Tabs

Where Do I Start?

One of the best ways to get your feet wet in researching a particular topic is to find an introductory resource that will give you a good overview of a subject. This section will help you to find reference materials and other resources to get you started in your research.

Find Books

APU has a large collection of books, periodicals and other media, all of which were selected in order to provide you with the resources you'll need for your coursework and class assignments. In this section, you will find Search Everything boxes and information for the APU library catalog and LINK+ (an online catalog for 60+ libraries).

Find Journal Articles

Journal articles are often the best place to find more current information on a particular topic. This section will equip you to find the best databases and to successfully use them for your research.

Find Websites

Finding credible, authoritative Internet resources can be difficult. You will find not only relevant websites in this section, but also tools that will help you be a better searcher.

Citation Help

Need help with a particular citation style? Then this is the section for you.

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