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Second Language Acquisition Research Guide: Introduction

Research guide to support the study and teaching of SLA at Azusa Pacific University.

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Second Language Acquisition (SLA) is the process of learning another language in addition to the native language. It draws on literature from the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. There is an overlap between the literature in the areas of education, communication, psychology and linguistics. The study of SLA at APU focuses on the nature of SLA; patterns in the process of acquisition; strategies to employ for success; linguistic, cognitive, affective, and social factors that effect the development of the second language; and role of the language teacher. Some well known names in the field of SLA include Noam Chomsky, Stephen D. Krashen, Dell Hymes, John McWhorter, Peter Ladefoged, Vivian Cook, Zoltán Dörnyeia, Diane Larson-Freeman, Michael H. Long, Sandra McKay, David Nunan, and Andrew D. Cohen.

Since the SLA draws from different fields, this guide identifies a variety of resources that will facilitate research. It contains scholarly and professional, print and electronic resources for graduate students in the Second Language Acquisitions, a required class in the MA TESOL program. However, all resources listed are not available through Azusa Pacific University.

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