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MINY403 (Adolescent Issues and Interventions): Find Books

This guide includes print and electronic resources, and instruction that will aid students in MINY403. This guide was originally created by Michelle Spomer.

APU Books

The following titles are all available in APU Libraries. Click on the title link to get more information from the library catalog. Click on the image to go see the item in Amazon.

Required Texts:

Recommended Texts:

APU Library Catalog

To start searching  the library catalog for APU library resources, use the Search Everything box below. For more options or to use the advanced search, go to the catalog on the library website

Interested in information on how to use the APU catalog more effectively? See the following information:

Finding Library Resources by Subject

LINK+ Catalog

LINK+ is a library catalog for the holdings of 60+ libraries, including APU Libraries. APU faculty, staff and students may request for free anything in LINK+ that has the status of "Available." Allow 2-4 business days for delivery. For more information, go to the LINK+ section of the library website.

NOTE: The handout above on finding resources by subject will work with the LINK+ catalog, too.

Want Ebooks?

APU Libraries has a variety of ebooks on through two main vendors: Ebrary and EBSCO eBook Collection. To find ebooks on the topics that you see in the Searches To Get You Started box below, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on a link of interest in the Searches To Get You Started box located below this box.
  2. In the View Entire Collection drop-down menu, select Ebooks.
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. Click on one of the subjects to get to the title list for that subject (if you already see a title list, go to step 5).
  5. Click on a title that you're interested in.
  6. Click on the View Electronic Book link to access the book.

For information on using ebooks in the Ebrary and EBSCO eBook Collection environments, use the following guide:

How to Use EBSCO and Ebrary Ebooks

Searches to Get You Started: Adolescent Issues

Having a hard time using the library catalog? You might want to take a look at this guide on finding resources by subject, or you might want to try the links below. These will take you into the library catalog right to a list of resources.

TIP: Once you've clicked on one of the links below and you're in the library catalog, click on the LINK+ button to the right to see similar books available in LINK+ libraries.

Searches to Get You Started: Denominations & Religions

To find out more about denominational beliefs, click on one of the links below. While you won't find information on every single issue adolescents face, you may find general information that will help you get an idea of how a particular denomination might approach issues. Be sure to click on book titles to look at full records - you might see tables of contents that will help you know if books are relevant.