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MINY403 (Adolescent Issues and Interventions): Find Web Resources

This guide includes print and electronic resources, and instruction that will aid students in MINY403. This guide was originally created by Michelle Spomer.

Evaluating Websites

There are several excellent resources on the Internet that will aid you in your studies. Be sure to evaluate websites for not only relevancy, but also authority and quality. Take a look at the handout below for tips on evaluating websites.

This Emotional Life Blog

The articles below are from the PBS This Emotional Life blog.

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Recommended Websites and Search Strategies

Hover your mouse over the info icon for a description of the website.

Search Strategy:

  • Use Google or any search engine to find the main denominational website. 
  • First, browse the site to see if it has a section on positional statements and/or resolutions.
  • If you can’t find an obvious section containing the positional information, then use the site search (if it has one) --- in the search box, enter in one or two-word terms, like “abortion,” or “drugs.”

Search Tip:
If a website doesn't have a search feature, use Ctrl+F or select “Find (on this page)” from the Edit menu in your browser in order to search for particular words in online text.

Psychology of Teenagers Blog

The articles below come from the Psychology of Teenagers blog.

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