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MINY403 (Adolescent Issues and Interventions): Where Do I Start?

This guide includes print and electronic resources, and instruction that will aid students in MINY403. This guide was originally created by Michelle Spomer.

Online Reference

CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher is an online resource that provides researchers reports about current issues. The reports include introductory overviews, background and chronology, assessment of the current situation, tables and maps, pro/con statements from representatives of opposing positions, and bibliographies of key sources.

Hover your mouse over the info icon to see a description of the specific topics included in the Teenagers section. Click on the link to go into CQ Researcher.

Print Reference

The following reference books can be found in APU Libraries - note the location in order to know which library has it (WCampus/Darling Library, ECampus/Marshburn Library, and Theology/Stamps Library).

Why Reference Books?

Reference resources can be very helpful when you are starting your research for a particular assignment. The reference resources that are most common are dictionaries and encyclopedias. In most cases, dictionaries (such as the Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels) are much more like encyclopedias rather than a Webster's dictionary. Dictionaries and encyclopedias give you a brief overview of particular topics, and often will provide bibliographies at the end of articles that will give you more resources on the subject. Reference resources can also help you either narrow down your topic if it's too big to tackle, and they can also help you find a topic if you have no idea what you want to write about. Other types of reference resources include almanacs, atlases, bibliographies, concordances, and lexicons. In general, reference resources are books that you only "refer" to for various facts and overviews - they are not typically something you'd read from cover to cover. Most libraries have their print reference resources in a collection, and they are generally not available for check-out.