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Tools of the Trade: Helping Your Faculty Enhance Their Teaching: Mapping

This guide was used in a presentation for the 2012 ATLA Annual Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. This guide was originally created by Michelle Spomer.

ERIC Articles on Mind Mapping in Higher Ed

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Mapping Tools

A mind map is "a pictorial representation of how a central concept is linked to other concepts and issues" (see Mind Mapping guide). Concept maps are similar, but can include several concepts rather than one central concept. There are multiple applications for mapping in the classroom, including brainstorming, presentation of information, a basis for notetaking, etc. (see Mind Map Basics).

    Description: is an web-based mapping (or "brainstorming") tool. Users can create 'bubbles' (widgets) that contain text, and can then connect these together. The bubbles are limited in that they can only contain text. Maps may be saved to a computer and printed out.
    Pricing Info:
    This software is primarily free, although there appears to be two additional levels at $6/month and $59/year. It's not clear what extra features these levels provide. Examples

  • Mind42
    Mind42 is web-based mapping software. Users create maps from 'nodes' (widgets). Nodes can contain either text or images. Maps can be  exported in a variety of formats, including PDF and JPEG.
    Pricing Info:
    Mind42 is free to use.
    Mind42 Examples

  • Mindmeister
    Mindmeister is web-based mapping software. Ideas are added as 'nodes.' Images, files, links, and text can all be added. Maps may be exported and printed.
    Pricing Info:
    For individuals, there are four levels with increasing numbers of features - free, $4.99/month, $9.99/month, and $14.99/month. Educators can get the second and third levels at discounted prices. Institutional licensing is also available.
    Mindmeister Examples
    Mindmeister App for iPhone, iPad and Android (free)

  • Mindomo
    Mindomo is web-based mapping software. Mindomo maps allow for the embedding of text, images, links, and videos. Mindomo provides a presentation mode that allows maps to be viewed as a slideshow.
    Pricing Info:
    For individuals, there are two levels - free and $6/month (with more features). There is a third "team" level that is $9/user/month. Educators receive a 50% discount.
    Mindomo Examples
    Mindomo for iPad (free)

    Mindomo for Android (free)

  • Spicynodes
    Spicynodes is web-based mapping software that includes limited animation in the presentation of ideas. Nodes are created and can contain links, images, text, and YouTube videos.
    Pricing Info:
    For individuals, there is one free level. There are two additional levels with increasing numbers of features at $24/month and $149/month.
    Spicynodes Examples