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AVON (Academic Video Online): Creating Clips

Access thousands of high quality academic, technical and archival streaming videos 24/7 on or off campus.

Creating Clips

  1. Log-in to your personal Alexander Street Press account (create an account if you do not have one)
  2. Find the film you are interested in, then click the Play icon.
  3. Click on "Create Clip" icon
  4. Select "automatic preview" check box if you want to automatically preview the clip
  5. Enter a title and description
  6. Select the start and end time
  7. Select "only visible to you", then select either Public or Institutional depending on the use (if you select Public or Institutional, after you save the Clip it will give you an option to Share it).
  8. Click "save changes" at the bottom.

Sharing Clips

Sharing a Permalink & Embedding a Clip

  1. Log-in to your personal Alexander Street Press account
  2. Select the Person Icon in the upper right corner\
  3. Select "Your Name Profile"
  4. To share the clip, click on "my clips" at the top of the page
  5. Click the clip you want to share
  6. Select the 3 dots on the right side of the clip
  7. Click on Share
  8. Then click Copy next to the permalink, embed code, or LTI code, depending on your preference.