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SOCW351 (Child Welfare): Where Do I Start?

This guide includes print and electronic resources and instruction that will aid students in child welfare policy research. This guide was originally created by Michelle Spomer.

Oxford Reference Online

These reference resources from Oxford University Press are all available online, and some of them are available both online and in print (see notes for each item).

CQ Researcher & Public Affairs Collection

CQ Researcher is an online resource that provides researchers reports about current issues. The reports include introductory overviews, background and chronology, assessment of the current situation, tables and maps, pro/con statements from representatives of opposing positions, and bibliographies of key sources.

The CQ Public Affairs Collection features in-depth reporting on vital issues, statistical and historical analyses, historic documents and primary source materials, as well as a directory of key government, nonprofit, and private organizations in each of the major policy areas.

Why Reference?

When you're beginning your research, reference resources can be your best friends. These types of resources can give you valuable background information and provide bibliographies to help you go deeper into a particular subject. Reference resources can also help you find topics for your assignments. The resources below and in the other boxes on this page can be great places to start.

Print Reference

The following books are available in print in APU Libraries - be sure to check the call number to see the library location.

Credo Reference

Click on the link below to see the online Credo Reference topic pages (you will be asked to authenticate).