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Faith Integration Resources: Theology Resources

This guide contains a variety of resources for faith integration research in particular disciplines at APU. This guide was originally created by Michelle Spomer.

Reference Resources

General Resources

Biblical Theology

The Dictionary of Theological Terms defines biblical theology as "...a theology that draws its material from the Bible and seeks to be faithful to the divine revelation of inspired Scripture." Biblical theology " with the process of the self-revelation of God deposited in the Bible."

Systematic Theology

The Dictionary of Theological Terms defines systematic theology as "...the science of God; the formulation and exposition of the scriptural revelation concerning God and His relations to His creatures."

Historical Theology

The Dictionary of Theological Terms defines historical theology as the "branch of theology that studies the historical development of the understanding and statement of Christian doctrine in the church."

Practical Theology

The Dictionary of Theological Terms defines practical theology as the "branch of theological study that covers all the "practical" parts of a pastor's work...It includes such subjects as homiletics, worship, liturgy, catechetics, pastoral care and counselling, church administration, church growth and church planting..."