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How to Cite Sources in Turabian 9th ed. and Format Papers: Formats for Paper

by Steve Jung, rev./exp. 05/24 by Sharon Ralston

Title Page Format - Turabian 9th ed - Appendix A.2.1.2

For a paper in a course

Double space. Center all elements.

  • At 1/3 the way down the paper enter the Title of the paper. If there is a subtitle, end the title line with a colon.
  • Next line enter the subtitle, if one exists.
  • Several lines below that, put your name along with any other requested information on additional lines, such as, course name, professor's name, and the date.
For a thesis or dissertation

Double space. Center all elements.

  • At top of page, the name of the University or College.
  • At 1/4 the way down the page enter the Title of the paper. If there is a subtitle, end the title line with a colon.
  • Next line enter the subtitle, if one exists.
  • Skip 3 lines.
  • Enter either "A Thesis Submitted to" or "A Dissertation Submitted to", depending on your degree requirement.
  • Next line write "the Faculty of" and follow that with the name of the school of college that is conferring the degree.
  • Next line write "in Candidacy for the Degree of".
  • Next line the title of the degree, e.g. Doctor of Ministry.
  • Skip one line, then enter the name of the department granting the degree.
  • Skip three lines, then write, "by".
  • Next line, enter your name.
  • Skip three lines.
  • Enter the City and State of the school's location.
  • Next line, enter the month and year of the submission.

Reference Page Format - Turabian 9th ed. - Appendix A.2.3.5

See 16.2 for more detailed information about formatting.

  • Same font as the main text
  • Reference page starts at top of page
  • Leave two blank lines between title and first entry
  • First line is flush to left margin; subsequent lines indented one-half inch
  • one black line between entries
  • Entries are single-spaced
  • Entries typically arranged alphabetically by first element in citation (typically an author's last name)
  • Consult with instructor about the title for this page. Some common options are: Bibliography, References, and Sources Consulted.

Citation Placement - Turabian 9th ed. - 16.3.2

Put the number at the end of the sentence or clause containing the cited information (quotes, data, or ideas).

Note number should follow any mark of punctuation, including closing parenthesis.

No more than one number in one location. If more than one citation, they are all put under the one note.

Levels of Headings - Turabian 9th ed. - Appendix A.2.2.4

1 - Centered, bolded or italicized, Upper and Lowercase Heading, No Terminal Punctuation

2 - Centered, regular type, Upper and Lowercase Heading, No Terminal Punctuation

3 - Flush Left, Bolded or italicized, Upper and Lowercase Heading, No Terminal Punctuation

4 - Flush left, regular type, sentence style heading, no terminal punctuation

5 - At the start of the paragraph (not on a line by itself), bolded or italicized, sentence style capitalization, end with a period.

Margins, Fonts, and Indents - Turabian 9th ed - Appendix A.1


1" margins on all sides.

Possibly 1.5 inches if a thesis or dissertation is going to be bound.

  • 12 pt Times New Roman or 10 pt Arial (roughly equivalent in size)
  • 10 point in notes or below tables and figures
  • a scalable font (Times New Roman or Arial, as examples)
  • Indent first line of text paragraphs one-half inch.

Spacing - Turabian 9th ed. - Appendix A.1.3


Double space. No extra line between paragraphs.

Bibliographies or Reference Lists

Single-spaced, with a blank line between

Block Quotations (five or more lines) - see 25.2.2

Single-spaced, indented one-half inch, and set off from main text above and below by a blank line.

Headers and Page Numbers - Turabian 9th ed. - Appendix A.1.4

If your only front matter is the title page, do not number it. Start numbering with the pages of text and all back matter.

The numbering for the text and back matter is Arabic numerals, e.g. 1, 23. Front matter is lowercase Roman numerals, e.g. i, ii, ix.

Follow instructor guidelines. Often, the numeral is centered, in the footer, one-half inch from bottom, on all pages.

Instructions about other items in a header are up to the instructor. It is not uncommon to have student name (last and first initial), course number, and/or the instructor's name in a header. Consult your instructions or ask.

Block Quotations - Turabian 9th ed. - 25.2.2

  • If you introduce the quotation in a complete sentence, then end that sentence with a colon.
  • Five or more lines of text.
  • No quotation marks.
  • Single spaced.
  • one blank line before and one after the block quotation.
  • Entire quotation is indented 1/2" from left margin. If a second paragraph is quoted, indent the first line just a bit more.
  • Citation comes after closing punctuation.